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Download iSeeRNA Stand-alone Package

This page lists all the required files for users to download and install stand-alone iSeeRNA program. The software can be compiled and run on Unix/Linux platform with Perl5 installed.

iSeeRNA is free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use under the Boost Software License.
However, a license is required for commercial usage. Please contact the authors for more inquires.

Please contact the authors for more information.

Download iSeeRNA Package

The latest release of iSeeRNA is version 1.2.2, Apr 2014.
The v1.2.2 update contains models for Mus Musculus (mm10) genome assembly, a binary package for x86 platform and bug fixes.

Pre-compiled x86_64 binary package (recommended): iSeeRNA-1.2.2.x86_64.tar.gz

Pre-compiled x86 binary package (recommended): iSeeRNA-1.2.2.x86.tar.gz   *new*

Source code package: iSeeRNA-1.2.2.src.tar.gz

iSeeRNA depends on 3 programs: txCdsPredict, gffread and libsvm and they are all included in the pre-compiled binary package. Here is the source code download links:

txCdsPredict A utility of the UCSC Genome Browser to calculate ORF length
gffread A utility of the Cufflinks package to read GFF/GTF files
LIBSVM A SVM implementation from Prof. Chih-Jen Lin

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